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Share Your Story, Leave A Legacy

Share Your Story, Leave A Legacy

When we die, we leave a legacy, a gift which we hand down to our loved ones. We tend to think only of famous people and household names having a legacy, but nobody dies without leaving a trail of memories and emotional connections. The world may know Steve Jobs and revel in his technological achievements. There may be statues of Emmeline Pankhurst, commemorating her campaigns for women’s right to vote. However, you have been contributing to the lives of those around you from your first moment, creating a beautiful legacy.

Sharing Your Story

You can leave a legacy by choosing to tell your own story, exploring the events and relationships which were most meaningful to you. This gives your friends and family real insight and helps them see you the way you see yourself. Sharing your story can also be immeasurably helpful for the person writing the eulogy, who often meets with other loved ones to hear and incorporate their special recollections. Why not leave a legacy by emphasising the stories you think are most important?

Your life can’t be summed up by a series of tick boxes, but if you’re struggling to think of things to include, it might be helpful to consider funny anecdotes, major life events and eye-opening travelling adventures. Consider the meaningful meetings, the things which sent your life in another direction or showed you something significant about who you are.

Leave A Legacy With Your Family Traditions

We all have our own legacies, but sometimes our contributions are mixed in with a rich history of family tradition. Family traditions are of immense value, as a way to maintain family identity, connect to loved ones that have passed away and resonate with an ancestral culture.

These traditions can be a way to remember people and places, whether that’s through cooking a family recipe, visiting a special place on a particular day or embarking on specific activities. Do you brave the New Year’s Day swim each year? Do you play a peculiar game at Christmas? There’s no pressure for your loved ones to participate in these traditions, but it opens up a new way for them to bond over fun activities while remembering how much you meant to them.

Your Favourite Things

Our Light Inside offers an online space for you to record your story, ideas for your eulogy and your family traditions, to be shared with your loved ones after you die. There is also a section for you to list your favourite things, which can include everything from your favourite song to your favourite movie. Leave a legacy by mentioning your favourite film and piece of music, so that whenever your loved ones see Back to the Future or hear an Elton John song, they think of you. Some elements can also be particularly helpful for planning your funeral, such as your favourite flower or colour, which your loved ones might use to create a funeral which encapsulates all of the things that you love.

Our Light Inside

Our Light Inside provides you with the space to leave a legacy through stories, memories and personalised messages, alongside practical information such as a contacts list and details about your will, home, health and more.

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