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Experiencing loss and witnessing people close to me having to find their way through tragedy led to the creation of this website. Loved ones were doing their best for the person who had died unexpectedly, with little information to guide them and I considered what it would mean to have helpful information, funeral ideas and messages to help them during the height of their grief.

I conducted loss chats for research and found that people’s main concern was making sure their loved ones were going to be ok if they died. They wanted to make grief more bearable for those left behind. People also wanted to be remembered for who they were in this lifetime and not by the events of their death.

This website (originally named Our Light Inside) was developed with the sole purpose of helping people leave a gift of love for their loved ones.

However, after taking courses in Principles of End of Life Care, Self Harm and Suicide Awareness, and End of Life Facilitation, I was still not prepared for my Mum being diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. With only a basic knowledge of the disease, I didn’t realise that she would quickly lose her ability to function logically and to speak.

I created this website so that people could leave information and messages for after they died, but that didn’t help our family when Mum could no longer tell us what she wanted. She was still alive, but losing capacity and I had never asked her how she wanted to be cared for, where her passwords were kept, what accounts she had, what type of funeral she would want and no-one had got Lasting Power of Attorney over her health.

I realised that people needed to be planning ahead of time for the end stages of their life, just like they would plan for a special occasion… but to do that, they need to know their options, costs, how to do it and be able to safely store the information.

My aim is to help people consider their options and make decisions that are right for them regarding their life, its end stages, their dying, death and post-death, in order to bring them peace of mind, save them money through pre-planning and make it easier on their loved ones when the time comes.

This website is being re-named in honour of my Mum to Planning Ahead of Time (PAT).

Kind regards

Dayle Adams

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