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  • My biggest fear is not death, but who is being left behind. I don't want my children to have the pressure of choosing the right thing. I want to lead it. I have so much to be grateful for and I would hate for that to get lost by the way I died. With Our Light Inside I can update it whenever I want and when it’s needed it will be sent to my children.


  • When you're flipping it and it's a celebration of life, it's so different. The emphasis is on the person living to do this. This website has made me think about decisions, such as being buried or cremated as I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to decide for me.


  • My funeral is the last opportunity to leave my mark in the physical world and I want that to be a reflection of my character, so I’ve put my funeral ideas into the OLI portal to make sure everyone knows what I want. As it’s a bit different I think if I only told 1 person, others wouldn’t believe them :-).


  • I didn't want to make a will as I didn't want to tempt fate, but wanted to be in control of what happens when I die so this website for me was the ideal scenario.


  • 5 years ago we wrote wills and gave out copies to family, but a lot has changed and it wasn’t updated. Our Light Inside allows me to change my ideas and messages as my life changes and I don’t need to contact solicitors.


  • This website is a great idea as it's too emotional to talk to family about death, especially when people close have died. I’ve found it hard to write it but feel better knowing I have.


  • I have been a planner all my life. Why would I want someone else to plan my funeral and what happens when I die? Honestly so glad to hear about this website so that I can still tell people what to do even when I’m gone.


  • There were family rows over what outfit to bury my Nanna in. I don't want that for me, so I’ve even put in what clothes I want to be buried in.


  • The positive side of knowing you're going to die is that you can tell people how much you love them, but if you don’t know when you’re going to die, then Our Light Inside allows you to do that anyway. I would want a letter from my loved ones and so I hope my family join too.


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