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Marking The Moment With Funeral Photography

Marking The Moment With Funeral Photography

Funerals are full of tender moments, with family and friends coming together to celebrate the life of a person they love. These events are characterised by compassion, manifesting in some very special interactions. Even though it may seem unusual, you may wish to document these moments of connection via the medium of funeral photography.

Exploring Funeral Photography

Why would you hire a photographer for the funeral?

Funeral photography can be a way to pay tribute to the person who has passed, capturing the flowers, the service, the colour scheme, the wake – all the elements which might say something about the personality of the person who has died. This is a celebration of who they were and what they meant to all of the guests, so an elegant photo album of all the tributes and attendees is another way of honouring the person’s positive impact and their meaningful relationships.

It might be that you’re planning your own funeral and forming a list of ideas to act as guidance for your loved ones after you die. In this case, you may wish to consider funeral photography as a way of recording the family all being together. Different lifestyles, travelling difficulties and various commitments mean that funerals are sometimes the only way an entire family and all one’s friends can be together, united in their love for you. Think about suggesting funeral photography to your loved ones, alongside some thoughts and ideas for your ideal send-off.

The Long History Of Funeral Art

Art has been linked with remembrance since time immemorial, from the 9000-year-old city of Çatalhöyük to the most recent funeral photography.

Even Neanderthals showed signs of creativity when it came to remembering their dead, painting their bones with specific pigments. Matching colours adorning the sides of the Çatalhöyük settlements suggests that they also painted the sides of their dwellings with the same pigments that they used to decorate the bones. These simple mementos were the first of thousands, with artwork from Ancient Greece to 19th century Poland, seeking to commemorate funerals with their expert craftsmanship.

Today’s funeral art revolves around creating a tasteful selection of poignant images that can be comforting to reflect upon. This is the most modern form of funerary art – less invasive, professionally done and unique to you.

Hiring A Photographer

A professional photographer covers all aspects of the funeral, picking out moments as they unfold throughout the day. Not everyone can highlight touching moments with tact and style, knowing when to document from the sidelines and when to step in and ask permission to take a picture. Be sure to ask for a portfolio, as talent and artistry can be difficult to balance with sensitivity.

For example, FNS Photography has a moving portfolio that features loving touches here and there as well as the main events that shape the funeral: the procession, the service and the act of lowering the coffin. Throughout it all are compassionate embraces, testament to the family’s love for the person and their support for each other. After the funeral, the photographers then create a beautiful album, which can stay in the family as a touching memento of a much-loved person.

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