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Exploring Ideas For Your Final Resting Place

Exploring Ideas For Your Final Resting Place

Having a peaceful resting place for your remains can be an immense source of comfort for your friends and relatives. Rather than have your loved ones panic, confronted by a myriad of choices, why not decide on a final resting place that speaks of your experiences and the things you love? Scroll through the suggestions below to garner some ideas.

In Their Hands

You may be leaving your family and friends behind, at least in part, but there are ways to make sure some material aspect of yourself stays with them.

Should you choose to be cremated, your ashes can be kept with your loved ones, whether that’s in the traditional urn or a more unusual form. Urns come in a whole variety of designs, including companion pieces which accommodate two people who always loved being together. Nature lovers can opt for a biodegradable urn which disintegrates, releasing your remains so they become one with their environment. Similarly, your family can plant your ashes alongside a seed, so you end up entwined with a young sapling.

Alternatively, you can get to thinking creatively about your final resting place. It’s possible to have your ashes contained within a piece of personalised jewellery or artwork that your loved ones can treasure forever, such as a ring, necklace or decorative glass orb. This is your opportunity to gift your loved ones something special – a piece of artwork that’s as unique as you.

The Great Outdoors

Some people are too energetic to rest in peace in somebody’s house – they prefer the open air and a location soaked in memories.

Consider making a list of places that mean the most to you, whether it’s your favourite stomping ground or the place where you first met that special person. Woodlands and beaches are a favoured final resting place, surrounded by the peace of trees and flowers or the hush of the shore. Scattering ashes over a body of water is a wonderful choice for someone who loves travel, with constant movement and a sense of freedom. For a sweeping view of nature, you could pick a hilltop, a mountain or a National Trust park, provided you have permission.

Traditional And Non-Traditional Final Resting Places

Burials have a powerful attraction, offering a specific resting place where you can be regularly visited and your grave adorned with flowers and mementoes. Family graves are one option, bringing you together with your loved ones residing on the other side of the veil, particularly poignant for those wishing to be reunited with a partner or child. Churchyards offer something similar, especially to those who treasure being part of a community bound together by friendship and common belief.

On the other hand, woodland burial sites are perfect for those who want to abandon formality, as you can rest in nature. You can be buried in the midst of the natural cycle of death and rebirth or even participate in it by opting for a natural burial. As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, a growing number of eco-friendly burial options are becoming available, including water cremations and tree pods.

Our Light Inside

You can ensure your loved ones are made aware of your preferences by storing your ideas on our website to be gifted to your nominees when you die. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing

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