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Night of Our Light

Night of Our Light will be held on the 3rd November from 5pm until 8pm in churches across the UK.

Many people do not have somewhere to go to pay their respects to their loved ones in spirit, due to circumstances or cremations. This event allows them that space.

Hundreds of candles will fill the churchyard (weather permitting), lighting it by candlelight. The church will be open for reflection and to light a candle in honour of your loved one. Names will be read out during the evening.

This event is not only for those buried at the church, but for anyone who has lost a loved one.

If you would like to involve your local church, please email us on


  • It was a lovely evening and I'll be posting pictures later, although, as ever, they don't truly do it justice. The most commonly used word was 'magical' and it was. If far outweighed what I envisaged in my head and the reaction of the older generation made it so worth it. We had no idea what the response would be, but it was one of such gratitude which blew me away. All in all it was an emotional and beautiful night.

    Dayle Adams

  • It was lovely, unexpected, emotional, beautiful and the reading of names at the end was perfect.
  • What an amazing thing to do, thank you, left with a fantastic memory of the lights and the people who are not with us.
  • It was such a lovely event, beautifully done... well done.
  • Thank you very much for organisiing this wonderful event. It's very much appreciated.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to make this evening such a success. Night of Our Light was really lovely.
  • The church felt so peaceful and calm, and I'm sure everyone found it extremely comforting to be there remembering their loved ones.
  • The churchyard looked beautiful.
  • I attended this wonderful service and lit a candle for Mum and Nanny. The church grounds looked beautiful and I'm so thankful I got to witness it in person. Thank you to everyone who organised it.
  • Sensational Night of Our Light!!! Well done all those involved in the setting up of this very moving and ethereal event! It looked like the stars in the heavens came down to Earth to remind us of those that we miss and love so much in heaven!
  • It was absolutely beautiful. Thank you to all involved.
  • The lights were an amazing sight and I've been thinking about so many people who are still alive in our hearts.
  • It looked lovely tonight. Although lots of lights, as they were candles, it never lit the place up like a funfair. It was very tasteful and looked lovely and peaceful and spiritual. I hope you feel very proud, as I'm sure you will of helped a lot of people feel better tonight.
  • Thank you for organising it. I was blown away by how beautiful the churchyard looked.