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Seize The Day With Our Bucket List Ideas

Seize The Day With Our Bucket List Ideas

Seize the day! Life is not a dress rehearsal. Live for each second. We’re surrounded by motivational quotes, but it’s hard to start applying such big-picture ideas to our lives. With bucket list ideas, from the grand and adventurous to the beautifully simple, you can learn to live life to the full, whether that’s via fun-filled holidays or the small, specific things that make day-to-day life such a treasure.

Roaming Free

A bucket list is a wishlist of achievements and experiences you want to revel in before you die, and millions of people have them!

It’s no surprise that travel features heavily. Walking the Great Wall of China, visiting Egyptian pyramids, and gazing at the Northern Lights are all popular bucket list ideas, as people seek to engage with something so impressive that it’s almost mystical. They often combine these experiences with activities, such as snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef or going on a wild African safari, proving to everyone that a continent-crossing backpacking adventure is not just for gap year students!

Not everyone is afflicted with that kind of wanderlust. Instead of visiting Giza or the Grand Canyon, some bucket list ideas include jumping out of a plane in a skydiving spectacular or flying in a hot air balloon. Even learning to ride a unicycle can give you a thrill!

At-Home Bucket List Ideas

We don’t all have travel at our fingertips. That doesn’t matter – you can still tick off some terrific bucket list ideas without leaving the UK.

You don’t have to do the London tourist circuit. Instead, you can bask in culture by attending a night at the Proms or the theatre. For a truly memorable experience, you could go on a backstage tour or apply to be in a TV studio audience! Celebrating Burns Night, going whale watching, and eating fish and chips on the end of a seaside pier all make fantastic bucket list ideas.

You don’t even have to leave your home, which is a relief to those for whom travel is a real challenge. Try connecting with your artistic side, pushing yourself to learn your favourite song on a new instrument, or writing a story. It sounds impossible, but every year the NaNoWriMo event encourages hundreds of people to write 50,000 words in one month! You never know what the experience might unlock.

Some things are better with loved ones, so think about inviting your friends and family for some sentimental time together. Consider reaching out to an old school friend, having a mini-reunion, or compiling a time capsule of all your most precious shared memories.

Add Our Light Inside To Your Bucket List

As you spend time with friends and family, checking off bucket list ideas, don’t forget to add the great memories to your Our Light Inside portal, leaving comments and messages that will bring your loved ones great comfort when the time comes for you to say goodbye.

Our online portal gives you a space to provide all the information you might wish to leave to your loved ones, from contact details to funeral ideas. Once this is done, you can rest easy in the knowledge that everything you wanted to say is waiting to be sent to your friends and family, giving them comfort and guidance during a difficult time. This is one bucket list not to be missed.

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