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Ashes In Fireworks And Other Unusual Send-Offs

Ashes In Fireworks And Other Unusual Send-Offs

People want to be laid to rest differently. For example, some are buried and some are cremated, with their ashes scattered in a rich array of locations. With the advent of new technologies, you can be really creative, requesting that your loved ones put your ashes in fireworks, scatter them at sea, or drop them under the waves to create a memorial reef.

Ashes In Fireworks

As you celebrate Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve, you might find yourself thinking of someone special. It might be a parent, teaching you to use a sparkler for the first time, or it might be a friend with whom you’ve watched a firework display. You can recreate this kind of memorable moment for your celebration of life.

A growing number of companies will put ashes in fireworks, either letting people set them off themselves or organising a professional display to honour the deceased person. This is a wonderful choice for people with a sparkling personality, who instantly light up the room the moment they enter. Perhaps you’re a quieter person, but you have a love of beauty and art. Either way, your friends and family can enjoy a general selection of fireworks or choose to add something special when they say goodbye to you. For example, they might light up the sky in the colours of your favourite sports team or choreograph the display to your favourite piece of music.

Water Burials

From ashes in fireworks to ashes floating on the sea…

Water has great symbolic importance, making lakes and seas a favoured place for ash-scattering. Returning your ashes to the sea might be important for a specific culture, but you might also find comfort in the idea of your remains going out to sea, with you and the river ending your journey and going out into the unknown together.

These burials are particularly popular for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists, although people of every faith and culture can have their ashes scattered over water, as long as you’re following local regulations. One way to do it is to launch a biodegradable water urn onto the surface, which can float amid petals and candles while you say a few words, or sink quickly into an important spot. For those who feel a connection to ancient Nordic cultures, you can choose an urn shaped like a Viking longboat, for a farewell just as unique as putting your ashes in fireworks.

People have long thought that Vikings sent their dead leaders off to sea in burning boats. Although this wasn’t normal practice, the appeal remains, leading many people to put their loved ones’ ashes in a ship-shaped urn and set them alight as they go across the water.

Alternatively, if you’ve lived your life on the waves, have a passion for wildlife or simply love the sea, you might consider having your ashes dropped under the surface in a container to form an artificial reef. Your ashes float away, making space for new life that can truly thrive. Join the circle of life by considering the Solace Reef, the only memorial reef in the UK.

The Final Frontier

One awe-inspiring way to say goodbye is to have your ashes sent off into space on an incredible last adventure. Some companies will take a symbolic portion of your ashes, similar to putting ashes in fireworks, and send them off into the atmosphere, where they will journey around the earth, to the moon or even into deep space. Some firms release the ashes in a gentle cascade just above the earth, where they’ll eventually mingle with water vapour and fall to earth again as rain or snow.

Our Light Inside

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