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About Our Light Inside

The Our Light Inside website has been developed with the sole purpose of helping people leave a gift of love for their loved ones.

As a medium for over 20 years, I have come to consider our physical body as the vessel that carries our spirit… and our spirit to be our light. When our physical body dies, our spirit does not, instead it is released, therefore our ‘light’ remains in the spiritual world.

Our Light Inside relates to our spirit and how we embrace it in our living years to allow us to, when the time comes, pass from the physical to the spiritual world knowing we have left information and messages to support our loved ones as much as possible through their loss and grief.

Experiencing loss and witnessing people close to me having to find their way through tragedy, while doing their best for the person who had passed, with little information to guide them led to the creation of this concept. I realised that how someone passes becomes their loved ones final memory and I considered what it would mean to have helpful information, funeral ideas and messages to guide them during the height of their grief. After conducting loss chats for research I found that people wanted to help make the grief more bearable for their loved ones and to be remembered for who they were in this lifetime and not by the events of their death.

My vision is for Our Light Inside to be a member orientated website, that aims to give its members the ability to create a gift of love to be bestowed on their passing to their loved ones. Therefore, if you have any recommendations, needs or wants, they will be gratefully received to

You can join by simply clicking ‘Get Started’ at the top of the page.

I hope your membership brings you comfort.

Kind regards

Dayle Adams

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